About Us

Over the past decade, Greenberg Gross has been the business litigation firm of choice for plaintiffs and defendants in bet-the-business trial work.  The founders  – Alan Greenberg and Wayne Gross – were partners at one of the largest global law firms in 2011 when their client was sued in a high-profile case involving Hollywood real estate joint ventures and they won a $50 million verdict on a counterclaim [How they won it].  The experience inspired them to form their own firm, which opened in 2013.  As Alan Greenberg, the firm’s managing partner, explained: “We opened our doors at a time in our careers when we knew how to create a firm that could not only perform at the highest level, but also do so with a sense of mission.”  And it was that sense of mission that enabled the founders to build a law firm that now ranks among the elite law firms in the country.

Today the firm has four offices and a team of star lawyers that has handled high-stakes matters for a roster of top company clients, including American International Group, Inc., Lowe’s Home Centers, the PG&E Fire Victim Trust, Sempra Energy, SpaceX, UC Hastings College of Law, Netlist, and many others.  The firm also represents individuals, including top executives and celebrities, in high-stakes litigation [Top Boutiques].

The firm’s lawyers come from many of the top law schools in the country and a number have served as judicial clerks for federal judges, enabling them to utilize such experience to better serve the firm’s clients.  Every lawyer at the firm is trained from the beginning to be a trial lawyer, not just a litigator.  Many business litigators at other firms approach pretrial discovery without an eye toward how they will use the evidence at trial.  In stark contrast, Greenberg Gross lawyers are trained to utilize pretrial discovery for the sole purpose of obtaining the most favorable result at trial, which ironically increases the likelihood that opposing parties will seek settlements to avoid the risk of losing at trial.  In the cases that do go to trial, Greenberg Gross lawyers are fully prepared to provide the firm’s clients with the greatest likelihood of obtaining the most favorable result.  Indeed, Greenberg Gross designed state-of-the-art courtrooms in its offices to enable both the firm’s lawyers and clients to prepare for court proceedings in a realistic setting, which has proven to be of tremendous benefit to our clients.

In 2019, California enacted a law that opens a window for survivors of childhood sexual assault to file cases that had previously been barred by the statute of limitations.  The firm was inspired by the opportunity to bring its formidable skills to bear in support of survivors of abuse, and added a practice group that is dedicated to these cases of paramount importance to our clients and to further social justice.  The firm has become one of the foremost law firms representing survivors of childhood sexual assault [Fighting for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault].