Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets

The attorneys at Greenberg Gross have extensive experience litigating intellectual property matters. Partner David Stein has been recognized as a leading patent litigator and has represented major companies across the country. Mr. Stein’s patent cases have involved semiconductor devices, medical devices, sporting goods, agricultural products, and retail and hospitality. Greenberg Gross also represents companies and individuals in high-stakes trade secrets cases. For example, Greenberg Gross was retained by Elon Musk’s SpaceX to defend five SpaceX engineers in a lawsuit brought by Broadcom alleging the engineers misappropriated trade secrets related to chipsets for satellite communications. Greenberg Gross defeated Broadcom’s application for a temporary restraining order and achieved a favorable settlement. The attorneys at Greenberg Gross have the experience and expertise to represent clients in their most significant intellectual property and trade secrets matters.

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