Sexual Abuse Litigation

The attorneys at Greenberg Gross proudly advocate for the rights of sexual assault survivors in claims against individual abusers and institutions.  We work closely with survivors to seek justice and stop the all too common pattern of abuse.  With the strength of our experience and resources, Greenberg Gross is perfectly positioned to pursue the institutions and organizations that conspire to cover up criminal acts.  We understand the needs of our survivor-clients and are committed to working not just for them, but with them.  We are also honored to be co-counseling with Jeff Anderson & Associates, recognized as the nation’s premier law firm to represent victims of childhood sexual abuse.  Jeff Anderson & Associates has represented thousands of victims of childhood sexual abuse in cases against individual offenders and the institutions that harbor them.  As one of the first trial lawyers in America to publicly and aggressively initiate lawsuits against sexual predators and the institutions that conceal and protect them, Jeff Anderson is credited with being instrumental in exposing the large scale cover-up of pedophile priests in the early 1980s. 

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