About Us

Greenberg Gross was founded with a single goal: to provide the best possible service to clients involved in high-stakes litigation in the most cost-effective manner. For several years, the founders worked as partners in one of the world’s largest law firms, specializing in the defense of clients who had been sued in business cases.

In 2011, they co-tried a high-profile case in which their client, a real estate developer named NCA, obtained a $50 million verdict on a counterclaim against the largest nonprofit investment manager in the country [Law360 – How They Won It].

Representative Matters

The NCA trial caused a paradigm shift in the way the founders perceive their role in the justice system. Due to conflicts, big-firm lawyers are often limited to defending large clients who have been sued and thus can only play defense, not offense. But the NCA case was a rare instance in which big-firm lawyers were able to play offense by pursuing a large entity, ultimately obtaining one of the largest trial verdicts in California that year.

It was that experience that ultimately led the founders to form Greenberg Gross, enabling them to better serve clients by handling high-stakes business cases for both plaintiffs and defendants.