Employment Litigation

Labor and employment matters are some of the most litigated claims in California and across the country, and the law in these areas is rapidly evolving at both the state and federal level.  At Greenberg Gross, we have the experience and expertise to advance the most cutting-edge arguments on behalf of our clients in all manner of employment claims, including harassment, discrimination, wage and hour, unfair competition, trade secrets, workplace privacy, wrongful termination, and employee benefit disputes. Our partnership with our clients is not limited to representation in court.  We also provide counseling services to our business clients to avoid litigation by ensuring that their policies and procedures are consistent with current law.  From reviewing employee handbooks and manuals, to providing training workshops and seminars, to performing internal investigations, we work closely with our clients to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.  We also assist our clients in negotiating and drafting employment contracts and severance agreements, conducting internal reviews, and taking disciplinary actions to eliminate the threat of future litigation.  At Greenberg Gross, we partner with our clients at every step of the way to provide cost-effective legal services of the highest caliber.

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