Class Action Litigation

The class action litigation lawyers at Greenberg Gross LLP bring a wealth of experience to litigating class actions and other complex cases from the pleading stage, through class certification, and at trial. Our class action litigation attorneys have secured numerous victories in a wide range of class action cases and other complex cases in both state and federal courts, including securities litigation class actions, consumer class actions, products liability cases, employment litigation class and collective actions, and unfair business practices class actions. Most class action cases are won or lost at the class certification stage.

Our class action litigation attorneys have the knowledge and expertise to win results for our clients against the fiercest adversaries during the most critical pre-trial stages of class action litigation. We also have extensive experience representing clients during mediations of class action cases, and we know what actions to take to secure the best settlement outcomes for our clients if that is the direction they choose to take. But we are also experienced trial attorneys. Thus, unlike many larger firms that focus their practices solely on discovery and pre-certification proceedings, should a class action go to trial, we are fully prepared to obtain victory in the courtroom.