Professional Liability Defense

Liability claims against professionals are increasingly common. The potential for significant financial consequences and reputational damage makes it critical for such cases to be defended by an exceptional professional liability defense lawyer. Greenberg Gross LLP is called upon when law and accounting firms need highly experienced trial attorneys to handle their most significant and sensitive matters, including those alleging malpractice, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, and RICO violations. At Greenberg Gross LLP, we have the experience and expertise to defend regional, national, and international firms in complex, high-stakes, and often high-profile cases. Our professional liability defense attorneys routinely dispose of cases long before trial by applying our extensive knowledge of the law to obtain early dismissals whenever possible. Our clients benefit from our willingness to go to trial, when necessary, and from our attorneys’ successful record in winning those cases. Professional liability cases routinely involve an underlying case or transaction giving rise to the dispute. The “case within the case” requires an understanding of a broad range of legal disciplines and issues. Our professional liability defense lawyers are highly skilled in every area of business law, and well-versed in today’s emerging legal issues. Greenberg Gross LLP clients benefit from our considerable expertise in the law governing legal malpractice claims, and our ability to analyze and comprehend the most complex underlying case or transaction. With our record of success, and the resources to handle all facets of these significant and high-risk cases, Greenberg Gross LLP is positioned to handle the most serious legal malpractice claims any lawyer or law firm might face.