Trial Lawyers for High-Stakes Cases

Greenberg Gross LLP, or GG for short, is a boutique trial law firm that represents clients in their most significant matters.  With offices in California, Nevada, and New York, GG has helped clients across the country achieve extraordinary results in high-stakes cases. 

Consistent victories in the courtroom have made GG one of the elite litigation boutiques in the country.  The firm is routinely listed as one of the country’s “Best Law Firms” by U.S. News Media Group.  Alan Greenberg, Founder and CEO of GG, explains that GG’s historic success at trial significantly contributes to its success at the negotiating table:  “The world hears about our trial victories but few realize that most of our cases settle before we ever step foot in the courtroom.  Our reputation of winning big at trial often makes opponents decide to settle early to avoid trying cases against us.”

Hiring the right attorneys is only the beginning.  As explained by Managing Partner Brian Williams, “GG built state-of-the-art courtrooms in our offices to conduct in-house training.  Every lawyer at the firm is trained from the beginning to be a trial lawyer, not just a litigator.  Many litigators at other firms approach pretrial discovery without focusing on how they will use the evidence at trial.  Our lawyers begin envisioning how a case can best be presented from the first day they are assigned a new case.  They are taught to conduct all pretrial discovery, including depositions and interrogatories, with that single-minded focus.” 

The firm continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of an expanding client base.  Greenberg explains:  “We expected that the firm would be successful.  What we didn’t anticipate was that we would be called upon to serve others in so many diverse ways.”  Williams adds:  “The firm’s evolution reflects that great trial lawyers need not be limited to one practice area.  The world needs us in more ways than that.  We continue to answer that call.”