Benefit to Clients Copy

The structure of Greenberg Gross benefits clients in many ways. As an initial matter, Greenberg Gross may take on business litigation cases without being subject to big firm conflict restrictions. Our clients additionally benefit from billing arrangements tailored to their needs. Big firms traditionally use a leverage-billing model that does not reward efficiency. If a case calls for a contingent fee, a fixed fee, or a hybrid fee, Greenberg Gross provides such an alternative billing option to the client. Moreover, even in standard hourly billing cases, the firm never employs a costly pyramid structure. Greenberg Gross is un-leveraged – with efficient staffing of cases. The firm’s practice is to limit discovery and depositions to the essential. The goal for every case is to provide our client with the best-possible result in the courtroom at the lowest possible cost.

Our clients additionally benefit from high-quality associates. We selectively hire the best and brightest who have demonstrated a desire to pursue excellence by, for example, attending a top law school, serving as a law review editor, and working as a judicial clerk and/or federal prosecutor. We only hire associates who want to be trial lawyers themselves. They are not relegated to a back office doing unnecessary document review or drafting research memos, but instead work alongside partners in every aspect of the investigation, analysis and litigation of our cases.