June 22, 2022

Another Victim of David Arnold Comes Forward following Sexual Assault Lawsuit Filed against Him and Capital Christian School

Newly revealed survivor endured sexual assault by David Arnold at Arden Church of the Nazarene during the 1970s

Another victim of former youth pastor David Arnold has come forward following the recent childhood sexual assault lawsuit filed against him and Capitol Christian School (CCS) by Greenberg Gross. The lawsuit alleges Arnold committed repeated sexual assaults against five underage male students from 1980 to 1983. At the time, Arnold was serving as a teacher, coach, and advisor at CCS.

The sixth victim, Zach Steele, came forward following the news of this lawsuit and has retained Greenberg Gross as counsel.

Steele’s description of sexual assault by Arnold matches the events outlined in the lawsuit by the other five survivors, however, the assault suffered by Steele occurred in the late 1970s while Arnold was a youth leader at Arden Church of the Nazarene in Sacramento.

Arnold would invite Steele to his apartment to play a game called “hostage,” which involved tying Steele up and then watching him struggle to get free. This game would escalate with each visit, ultimately ending with Steele getting tied to a chair, hands behind his back, feet bound, blindfolded and gagged, left to struggle for what felt like an hour. In this last instance, Steele panicked and when Arnold finally released the bindings, Steele removed his blindfold to reveal Arnold in his underwear.

After that disturbing assault, Steele tried to avoid Arnold. Although, he would still appear at Steele’s basketball and football games uninvited.

Steele calls himself “victim number one” and fears that there could be other youth group members that suffered similar abuse by Arnold. By coming forward, Steele hopes to hold Arnold and the church accountable. The Arden Church of Nazarene was aware of Arnold’s inappropriate behavior and later fired him as youth pastor when similar allegations of assault were raised at Capital Christian School where Arnold was a teacher.

This case highlights the devastating reality that child sex offenders are often protected by their institution. However, a new California law increased the time limit for victims seeking recovery as a result of childhood sexual abuse. Through courageously speaking out, you are helping to prevent future sexual assaults from occurring.

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