December 02, 2022

Attorney Journals Magazine Details the Rise of Greenberg Gross LLP in Feature Story

Greenberg Gross LLP has been featured in the cover story of the December 2022 edition of Attorney Journals magazine.  The article details the rise, successes, and continuing evolution of the award-winning law firm.

Founded in 2013, the firm has focused on being the business litigation firm of choice in bet-the-company business trial work.  The firm started with one office in Orange County.  Today it has four offices: Costa Mesa, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York, and a team of top lawyers who handle high-stakes matters for a roster of large companies, executives, celebrities, and law firms.

Over the past decade, the firm has won numerous high-profile business trials, including a recent $70 million arbitration award on a counterclaim for a public company called Advantage Solutions that had been defrauded by a company called Take 5.

“Our company was faced with not only having to litigate a complex, multi-year arbitration, but also with having to interface with federal authorities.  Greenberg Gross represented us superbly with both,” said Bryce Robinson, General Counsel of Advantage Solutions.

Readers are provided with a portal into the firm’s success, including how the firm was founded, its hiring philosophy, its creation and use of state-of-the-art mock courtrooms for attorney training, and its representation of large law firms.

The article also details how, in 2020, the firm began to litigate cases that serve broader societal causes, which include the filing of a groundbreaking federal lawsuit on behalf of UC College of Law, San Francisco, against the City and County of San Francisco to improve conditions in the Tenderloin, San Francisco’s poorest neighborhood.  The lawsuit, filed in May 2020, resulted in a Stipulated Injunction the following month, under which the City was required to enforce state and federal laws in the Tenderloin consistently with how they are enforced in more wealthy San Francisco neighborhoods.

The positive outcome in the Tenderloin suit led the firm to see how it could use its platform and business litigation expertise to serve other important societal causes.  The firm found its opportunity to do so in the California Child Victims Act, which opened a window for survivors of childhood sexual assault to file cases that had previously been barred by the statute of limitations.

To educate the public on this landmark legislation and the cases that may now be filed as a result, the firm created a new website:  Since starting this new practice area, the firm has been retained by hundreds of survivors of childhood sexual assault and has already obtained multi-million settlements for numerous survivors.

Based on the positive impact of the Child Victims Act, the California legislature recently passed a similar law to address the injustice suffered by many survivors of adult sexual assault: The California Sexual Abuse and Cover Up Accountability Act (AB 2777).  Starting January 1, 2023, survivors of adult sexual assault will have one year, until December 31, 2023, to file claims against perpetrators and entities that covered up their sexual assault.

“For more than two years, our practice group has developed the expertise to pursue cases for child sexual assaults that occurred decades ago in a manner that has never been done before.  Cases often don’t get better with age because memories fade and evidence sometimes disappears.  We know how to overcome those obstacles and look forward to applying that expertise to adult assault cases in the same powerful way,” said Brian Williams, Co-Chair of the firm’s Fight for Survivors practice group.

The article ends with the founders commenting on how the firm has continued to evolve in ways that were not necessarily anticipated when they opened the firm’s doors a decade ago.

“We expected the firm would be successful.  What we didn’t anticipate was that this would be such a remarkable journey in which we would be called upon to serve others in so many diverse ways,” said Alan Greenberg, Co-Founder and Managing Partner.

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